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Bento Scrap Omelet Lunch by Candy Girl

Every morning I make my little ones a bento lunch. I often have scraps left over from cutting their food in shapes. I save the scraps to make lunches for myself. Today I had cheddar cheese scraps. I made a mini cheese omelet in a silicone muffin cup in the microwave.

1. Lightly beat an egg with some herbs (I used dill and fresh coarse ground red & black pepper). 2. Pour into a silicone muffin cup, add scraps of cheese, and place in microwave. 3. Cook about a minute and half. Egg will puff up from cup while cooking! But it will deflate :) 4. Pop mini omelet out of cup and into bento box with the rest of the lunch. Snap bento box lid on and refrigerate until I am ready to eat it. Easy peasy, yummy & cheesy. 

Lunch is Red grapes, Cheddar cheese scraps, Mini cheese omelet, and (leftover) Asparagus. 

Pictures Taken with iPhone4, in Whidbey Island, WA, USA

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