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Hello Kitty’s Little Italy by Strawbana

Hidden below Dondukov as you go downhill towards Stochna gara, lies a
cute little Italian store just before you reach Sofia Mathematics
Gymnasium. The lovely couple that owns it would gladly advice you and have you
taste all the different cheeses and salami. Lurking from the shelves
are small and big jars, filled with Italian goodness in the form of
sauces, fishiness, mushies, oils and other mysteriousness. Fresh pasta
and Italian wine just waiting to be poured down the throat of the
bottle finish off this little Italian experience, successfully taking
you under the Tuscan sun even if it is just for a few moments. Hello
Kitty paid them a visit and this is the lunch that came out of it.

Basis: homemade rye bread

Proteins: Italian spec

Vitamins: tomato salad with parsley.

Dressing: olive oil, honey, salt and white pepper

Spread on it: fresh soft ricotta

Extra: a cup of green Tea to finish of, delight the senses and wake
you up in the sunny office Friday afternoon

Pictures taken with Instagram for iPhone 4 in Sofia, Bulgaria

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